Saturday, November 20, 2010

Survey Saturday, Excuses Edition

I almost couldn't find a survey for this survey Saturday, but never fear, I pulled through and found one on veganville. (no one likes my survey saturdays, though...)

I missed a MoFo because...
1. A firebear* swallowed my recipe.
2. I spilled my green smoothie on my computer and the keys jammed.
3. I had almost 6 hours of classes, two exams, and a programming assignment.
4. I had a berry, berry bad cold that alternately made my head stuff up and then made it run like a faucet.
5. My teese spent the night in West Virginia.
6. I was completely and totally sober and unwilling to embarrass myself**.
7. I pigged out on tings, fritos, and sprite for dinner and didn't want to blog about it.
8. I made an awesome meal and i totally forgot to take pictures.
9. I had a rough time with a pastry blender.
10. I looked at the stats for my blog and each day, I get fewer pageviews than the last... 

*Firebears! They eat buggy drivers. (That documentary is mostly about the buggy org I'm in, CIA)
** CS Majors. They don't drink or go to parties.

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