Sunday, November 14, 2010

Green Curry

I really wanted chipotle for dinner because of the facebook-check-in free burrito thing, but that fell through. So I decided to try to make curry instead...

1 block of tofu
Canola Oil
Yellow Onion
Bell Pepper
Green Curry Paste
Coconut Milk

Ingredients for curryish dish. Not pictured: bouillon.

I made some ener-g egs and mixed up the tofu with it, then cornstarch'd the tofu. I've done this before, and I guess I must've worked in batches last time... Putting them all in at once is a poor plan.

My cornstarchy tofulets, ready to be fried.

About 3/4 a cup of canola oil, heated up. Put the tofulets in, let them fry on one side until they're a little bit golden-brown.

I was impatient and flipped a little early. The ones in the front are better than the ones behind.

Put down a paper towl and stick the fried tofulets on it. They should be pretty crunchy.

A little bit more oil, and in go the onions and peppers. Sauteed them for a little bit until they were softening up.

This is about 2-3 tablespoons of green curry paste. Stirred it up until it was pretty much coating everything...

I added broccoli and two cans of coconut milk... The second one was very, very thick. They were both full-fat, so I don't know what happened...

Added a bouillon cube, then let this simmer a bit.

In the meantime, microwaved some rice. It worked unexpectedly well. This was 3/4 cup rice plus a 1.5 cups water, microwaved 12 minutes at 700 watts, then left to sit for 5.

Because I have limited bowls and plates, rice on the bottom, curry and tofu on top. 

Changes I'd make: Next time, add some ginger, maybe some different vegetables, more or a different curry paste. It was pretty good, though. I might leave the tofu out in the future, because it'd be pretty good even without it, and that'd make it fast enough for a quick meal.


  1. OMG that can of coconut milk went crazy

  2. Your cast iron skillet is beautifully seasoned - your southern ancestors would be proud. I know I am.