Saturday, November 20, 2010

Still Sick

Didn't cook a thing today. Instead, I went to Chipotle (no pictures, it's chipotle) and got a free burrito (use a smart phone, check in on facebook, show it to the cashier - bogo!).

On the way back, grabbed a cupcake and cookie at dozen.

The Mostess cupcake had a cream filling on the inside... The molasses cookie was amazing. I'm not the biggest cookie person - usually they're too sweet or gooey or something, too cakey or too thin or too much - but these were just about perfect to me. A little bit hard, but so good.

Come dinner time, I didn't feel much up to cooking, and most of what I had on hand was completely unappealing to me at best. I think I probably associate some of it with getting a cold and headaches. So I decided to make a run to Whole Foods to grab some microwave dinners. 

I got an Amy's pot pie, some green smoothie/juice stuff, and an apple pie*. Jaime had pirogies, which were almost, but not quite vegan... I need to get on making those. They don't look too impossible.

The smoothie thing isn't that photogenic. The pie isn't either, but not to the same degree.

It was pretty tasty. I mean, the Almost All-American Seitan Potpie is better by a mile, but for something that I can have ready to eat in 20 minutes, it's pretty good. The tofu in the pie is a bit weird.

Afterwards, apple pie. Pretty good. I have a weakness for apple pie and ate... oh, about half.

*I was hoping to go a thanksgiving potluck tomorrow, but since I'm sick, I think that might not be the best thing to do...

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