Friday, November 12, 2010

I've learned something this week.

A. Food is good, the first... oh, 5 or so times in a row. After the 6th time you eat it in one week, it starts to get... boring.
Ai. Next time I make the potato-spinach squares for myself, halving the recipe. Or having space in the freezer. Holy shiitake mushrooms, that is a LOT of potato-spinach squares, AND I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE. I STILL HAVE SOME LEFT. IT HAS BEEN 90% OF WHAT I HAVE BEEN EATING.

B. I need to learn to keep cookie and brownie stuff on hand at all times. Like chocolate chips and flaxseeds.

C. It turns out that two pumpkins will make a metric ****ton of pumpkin puree. Who expected that? I buy the two biggest pumpkins I can with 20 bucks, and I have my fridge half filled with pumpkin puree. Ain't that weird? (no. no it is not. dumdum, you used two huge pumpkins. of course that was going to happen.)

I will try to make something for tonight! Like, I am pretty sure I can make chickpea cutlets. So maybe I'll make those. If not, I will... do... something... like go to the grocery store in the freezing cold to buy food. Because I really, really need to eat food other than spinach potato squares.

ETA: Apparently I have already used up most of my space for pictures... Good job, self. I have a lot to add tomorrow.

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