Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Spaghetti and Beanballs: Dinner of Champions

I read a lot saying these were good. so I decided to go ahead and make them today, since it was all I had left to make...

Step one, make some marinara. I more or less go off the one listed in Veganomicon. I need to learn to double up on tomatoes, though. The liquid always evaporates and then I only have 3 cups of sauce, when I wand 5 or 6.

Saute some garlic in a healthy amount of olive oil until it smells delicious. And by healthy amount, I mean a lot. I hate sticking garlic.

Dump in the tomatoes. Add in spices (thyme, oregano). Not too much, but a good bit. In other news, I had the most over-oregano'd pizza the other night... so my love of oregano has been tempered a bit lately.

While my marinara was simmering, I made some beans. I think Pittsburgh has hard water or something, because all the beans I've made have still come out a bit hard. I'm not sure what to do about that. This is the 5 or 6th batch that still had a bunch of hard beans, but I didn't have time to let it simmer longer. Anyways, these are the beanball ingredients.

Mashed up kidneys. They didn't mash too well, but...

Dump in everything else.

Here, I took it downstairs and mixed it up, then squished everything together with my hands.

16 cute little beanballs, sitting on a board.

I chose to bake them.

But then I deviated, and stuck them in the marinara at the end. This was a good plan, as they were more than a bit crunchy from the oven. This softened them up to be just at the perfect sweet spot between mushy and hard as a rock.

 My plating leaves a bit to be desired. Also, my fork leaves a bit to be desired. The beanballs tasted really good, but the texture was off because of the kidneys. It's depressing, as this never happened in Charleston. Nonetheless, once I figure out how to make the beans better, I'll probably look into making this again.

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