Tuesday, January 4, 2011

NYC, what is it about you?

Red Bamboo:
wings, creole soul chick'n, coconut curry chick'n, brownie-bottom cheesecake

spinach-wonton soup, green tea pan-fried dumpkings, soy filet, beijing seitan, pear-apple crisp

Le Pain Quotidian
riz au lait

Pure Food and Wine
beet carpaccio, dr cow cheese, lasagna, spanakopita, chocolate cake with mousse

Sacred Chow
biscuits & gravy & scrambled tofu & collards, tempeh hash, banana-pound-cake french toast, brownie & hot fudge sauce

Candle 79
rice-cheese balls, nachos, chimmichurri seitan, rosemary tofu, butternut squash risotto, cheesecake