Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Just about time to go home...

I'm finally feeling about 90% (I still have a bad cough), but instead of being able to cook, I have to pack up to go to North Carolina for Thanksgiving. Not that I mind, really.

I figure, though, that if I want any Thanksgiving food, I'm probably going to have to cook it myself. Between the country club (I still love you very much, dad's side of family!) and the deep-fried turkey (I didn't know people actually did that...), the pickings are going to be mighty slim.

I'm hoping to stop at a grocery store on the way from the airport tomorrow, though, to pick up just a few things so I can have a proper - if minimalist - Thanksgiving meal.

Hoped-for Meal:
Mashed Potatoes with Mushroom Gravy (as posted on the PPK)
Roasted Broccoli or Roasted Brussels Sprouts (whichever looks better)
Some Sort of Faux Turkey (I've never had one! I need to find the tiniest...)
Sweet Potato Casserole (the one on fat free vegan looks really good)

Ingredients I would have to buy in NC:

yukon gold - 3lb
yellow onion - 1
cremini mushrooms - 16oz
broccoli/brussels sprouts
sweet potatos - 4-6
orange juice
vegetable broth
unsweetened soy/almond milk
all purpose flour
vanilla extract
brown sugar
olive oil
FAKE TURKEY!!!!one11!!1eleventy

(no nutmeg, I am a hater)

I'm willing to go without Sweet Potato Casserole, but it'd be nice to be able to have a dish to share with everyone else (and dessert, dessert is important).

As far as food today goes, I'm kinda boring. I had some soy yogurt and (way out of season) fruit from whole foods, and it was delicious? 

I never eat a lot of fresh berries, because they're so expensive - It's always frozen for me. But I figured I'd treat myself tonight, and had some berries and soy yogurt. Even though the picture's kinda ugly, it tasted wonderful (because... berries. and yogurt. win allatimes.)

Also, everyone: watch Firefly! It's like a western, but in SPACE. And with lots of nonwestern elements. It's really, really awesome. I watched four hours of it last night.

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  1. You should get a Celebration Roast! Tofurkey roasts are good, too, but Celebration Roasts are actually small enough one person could eat them in a couple of meals.