Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The end of 'mofo

It looks like I just squeaked by 20 food posts for the month, some better posts than others.

I guess I'll keep going from here, though definitely not averaging 5 posts a week, more like one or two. This upcoming week will be pretty hard, with the amount of work due on Thursday and Friday, and two tough exams on Monday and Tuesday. After that, I'll be free to cook, but I'm hesitant to buy any food that won't be eaten before I go home the 14th.

Some of the reasons I'm excited to go home:

  • I have a car! I can drive to the grocery store and buy lots and lots of food and not have to worry about how I'm bringing it home.
  • I have a whole kitchen, all to myself! No more prepping food on my desk while hunched over as to not hit my head. No more dodging dirty pans left to rot in the sink for weeks. No more fridge tetris.
  • Mellow Mushroom: a pizza chain where I can get all the daiya on my pizza that I want. A little expensive, and a little tacky, but so tasty.
  • Both my parents and my brother like eating at Basil, a tasty Thai place downtown. It's a bit cheaper than Silk Elephant and Bangkok Balcony, too. 
  • The forecast for the next two weeks for Pittsburgh is mid-to-low 30s in the day, and the mid-to-low 20s at night. For Charleston, it's 50s in the day, 30s at night. 
In the meantime, I'll get by, somehow. I have some bags of frozen beans, so I can always just eat beans and rice for all my meals (!!!).


  1. Whoa whoa whoa! As per bullet point 2: aren't you the one that hates messes and dirty dishes? (I seem to remember a chili on the stove top incident). And for bullet point 4: it seems like you've forgotten you also have a big sister that can at times be vegan friendly!

    no love....