Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mad Mex

One of my friends is obsessed with Atwood Street because it's "so sketchy" (He says he would be happy to live in a dumpster on Atwood). It is, by far, the sketchiest gentrified area I've ever seen - the combo of Pitt college students and liquor stores are probably the cause. 

On the other hand, I would probably also be happy to live in a dumpster on Atwood, but because of the food. SO MUCH GOOD FOOD. There's Fuel and Fuddle, not much vegan food, but they might put crack on the diner fries; Spice Island Tea House, which has really good green curry for a pretty good price; and Mad Mex, which is the Mexican restaurant I've been looking for the past three years. Just about anything on the menu can be veganified - they have tofu-based sour cream and vegan cheese - and it's so tasty.

Still, takeout from mad mex wasn't the best idea.

The bag is SO BIG. Half of it is filled with tortilla chips.

I got the Mad Mex Enchilada with tofu. The cheese was suspiciously melty, but biting into it shows (reassuringly) very unmelty cheese. The tofu hunks were a little bit big, but still really tasty. On the other hand, it was kinda soggy by the time I got to dig in.

We also got the pickadippa, with guacamole, pico de gallo, and their original salsa. They lean towards a bit spicy - even the guacamole has lots of onions and maybe some jalapeno.

Jaime got the Thai Burrito, which sounded really good, but he didn't get it with tofu. His was a bit soggy, too, by the time he got to eat.

Verdict: Mad Mex is tasty, but not for takeaway.

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