Friday, November 4, 2011


Inspired by the chili success, and from the other good recipes from Color Me Vegan, I decided to try making the colcannon.

The potatoes are boiling away in the pot. There aren't too many ingredients in the recipe, which is nice. There is some garlic hidden under the kale.

Step one involves sauteing some onions on med-low until they start turning brown. It takes approximately forever, and involves a lot of checking to be sure they don't burn. 

Once you're afraid that the potatoes will burn if you cook them any longer, add in the kale and garlic.

Cook until the kale starts to get soft, and then cook some more.

The potatoes are done if you started them before anything else, so reserve some of the water, and then mash the carp out of them.

Add in some margarine and a little bit of non-dairy milk.

By the time you finish with the potatoes, the kale and onions are probably done.

Mix the two together, and serve. I stored the kale and potatoes separately in the fridge, but it's probably not necessary. I also ended up eating with some gravy, but... that's because I really, really, really like gravy, and I had some on hand.

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